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Easter cupcake 6 Pack

Someone please tell Peter Cottontail he can leave this adorable 6 pack of cupcakes in place of my Easter basket this year! Our Easter 6 pack features:

Carrot Cake: carrot cake cupcake, cream cheese frosting, royal icing Easter egg

Confetti: Confetti cupcake, vanilla buttercream, bunny sprinkles, royal icing bunny

Oreo Explosion: chocolate cupcake, Oreo mousse filling, chocolate buttercream rolled in Oreo crumbs, white chocolate dipped strawberry

Snowball: vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream rolled in shredded coconut, fondant bunny feet and tail

Chocolate Overdose: chocolate cupcake dip din chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream ‘nest’ chocolate malt eggs

Strawberry: strawberry cupcake, vanilla buttercream hydrangea