First & foremost, thanks for thinking of us! 

Sugar has been sweetening weddings and celebrations for over 14 years and, to be honest, each and every event booked with us gives us all the feels! It is our honor! Our cupcake towers have become quite the fan-favorite for many reasons.  For one, we have the best cupcakes around!  (If we do say so ourselves... and we do say so!) Also, they make an impressive display! The height of a cupcake tower ranges from 3 to 6 tiers, it can hold 25-200 cupcakes, and the amount of tiers on the tower is based on the amount of cupcakes ordered.  The tower can be filled with your selection of assorted cupcake flavors, which greatly appeals to a large group of people, as not everyone shares the same taste preferences.  (You could only imagine how excited a group of people get when faced with the decision of selecting their favorite from a tower of gourmet cupcakes!  Child-like excitement!)  There is no messy cutting or stressful transportation as with a multi-tiered cake, and the tower can even be topped with a special 6" cake that is reserved for the guest(s) of honor.  This cake can be custom designed to match a specific theme or color scheme, adding the 'WOW' factor that will delight your guests.